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Peter Martin developed his first pictures at age 13. He became a professional at the age of 16 when a photo was published on the front page by a Toronto daily newspaper. At 17 he began free-lancing in Toronto and became the official photographer for the Miss Teen Canada and Miss Canada pageants. He continued his career as a staff photographer for 3 newspapers throughout Canada, spending 3 years at the Oakville Journal Record, 7 years at the Edmonton Sun, and 16 years at the Montreal Gazette. Over the last 30 years Martin has traveled extensively on assignment throughout Europe, the Orient and the South Pacific. He has won significant critical recognition for his work including a National Newspaper Award for his photograph of Terry Fox, and Recognition of Achievement Awards from both The Ontario News Photographers Association and the Alberta News Photographers Association. In 2008 his photograph of Terry Fox was chosen by Canada's National History Society as one of "10 IMAGES THAT CHANGED CANADA". The photo, at number 4, was chosen by a select group of Canada's premier photographers, photo-editors and photography instructors who were asked to select 10 photos from Canada's past that, they felt, had the greatest influence and impact on the country. Since 2002 his personal work has been displayed in several solo and numerous group exhibits in Canada and the US. Peter’s work has been published in numerous travel and news magazines (including Time, Newsweek, McLean's, SKY-Delta, Disovery-Cathay Pacific, Sports Illustrated) and has contributed to a variety of books including The Day in the Life of Canada, Day in the Life of the N.H.L. and The Ice Storm-An Historic Record of Photographs from January 1998. His work has been exhibited around the world and has been acquired by public and private collections. In 2004 he resigned from the Montreal Gazette to pursue personal projects, dividing his time between Toronto, Montreal, Annapolis and Europe. He is currently working on a book of VENICE and the highly anticipated "36Frames" project.